When most people picture a geek, they envision a runt with a pocket protector and a predilection towards math.  But a geek is simply someone who focuses on a topic beyond the typical limits of society.  My passion, my interest is government.  How we, as a society, choose what is best for all of us. I work in government. I teach government. I research government.  I spend my free time talking about government.  It is who I am and what I do.  Sounds a bit crazy but that is how it is when you are passionate about something.

When I first ran for the Board of Estimate and Taxation, I wanted to use my expertise in government to help Minneapolis chart a wise course among difficult decisions.  In my second term, I came to understand the value of an independent voice. Someone who stands up and is honest even when it is not convenient. The Board of Estimate exists, in part, as a check and balance on the Mayor, the City Council and the Park Board. I have been that person who speaks truth to power.  And I am proud of that.  I fought to keep our Library System.  I fought against a stadium that exists to make the ultra-rich even richer at the expense of our citizens.  I fought against outrageous tax increases.  The voters of Minneapolis were gracious enough to give me a third term. I hope to be an advocate for doing the right thing, the responsible thing to keep our city a great place to be.  

Thank you for your trust.  Let’s work together to make a better Minneapolis.